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There are plenty of companies that offer crypto project audits. Most of them are looking into the technical details of the smart contract, which is very important but not enough for the investment evaluation. Each investor should do their own research before making any investment decision. At the same time, some investors do not have enough knowledge to conduct a proper business audit of the project. We offer business audit services to launchpads and investor groups by looking into the token or NFT project from the business perspective.

Our team has years of professional experience in financial and business audits, which in combination with blockchain knowledge, creates the perfect skillset to deliver well looked through business audits. Business audit includes reviewing the web3 project from the business perspective, evaluating the utility, target audience, marketing activities, legitimacy of the announcements and promises, analysis of tokenomics, and the possible outcomes at launch and long term. We look into the projects from the sustainability perspective; therefore, we analyze the expected incoming and outgoing cash flows to evaluate the project's lifecycle. The audit process includes interviews with the project team and reviewing all available documentation.


    In crypto token projects, tokenomics is one of the core data sets to predict economic effects on the project. Weak tokenomics strategy can destroy excellent utility and a technically perfect project. In contrast, strong tokenomics can support the project's sustainability in different cycles. We perform the token distribution mathematics to predict launch effects from the private sale and presale. We analyze the vesting rule effect on the project's long-term liquidity.


    Web3 project longevity significantly depends on the utility, use case, and market need. We analyze the utility from all stakeholders' perspectives, searching for the utility's competitive edge versus what is already available in the market and investor response to the team promises.


    Sustainability and longevity for every business comes from an ability to generate incoming cash flow to cover the ongoing and development costs. We are reviewing and analyzing the project promises from the cash flow sources.


    Any red flags or attention items identified within the audit process are summarized for the report users to have the ability to follow up with the project teams on identifying items as the project develops. Our reports are valid on the report date, and the results might change depending on the project team's implemented changes and new updates. The audit report does not guarantee any investment results and should be taken only for reference to conduct your own research.

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