🔵Token Utility ($SOWA)

All information about the Sowa AI token utility.

Sowa AI is committed to creating a decentralized community for DeFi enthusiasts. We believe in transparency, collaboration, and the power of community-driven decision-making. That's why we created the SOWA AI ecosystem, powered by our native token, $SOWA.

The $SOWA token is the backbone of our ecosystem, serving as a utility for effective incentive alignment among all participants. As a token holder, you'll have the ability to signal your support for or opposition to proposals in the SOWA AI ecosystem. $SOWA has several utilities and can be used for:




$SOWA token will allow holders to participate in decision-making about the platform features and roadmap


Earning rewards by staking $SOWA tokens. The staking events will be limited in time, each one having different conditions, always announced ahead of time.Token staking events incentivize holding of $SOWA and contributing to various liquidity pools to create market for trading for other participants


A premium membership program that offers exclusive access to advanced features on the SOWA AI platform. Users can join by holding a certain amount of $SOWA tokens.

Partnership opportunities

As SOWA continues to grow and gain traction in the DeFi and NFT space, $SOWA token holders may have the opportunity to participate in partnerships and collaborations with other projects and platforms.

Community Engagement and Rewards

SOWA AI token holders enjoy exclusive access to educational webinars, Q&A sessions, networking events, contests, and special rewards programs. These activities promote active participation and foster collaboration within the community.

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