Legal disclaimer for the SOWA AI Project and $SOWA Token

The SOWA AI Project and its associated $SOWA token entail certain risks that users should be mindful of. This Risk Disclaimer and Disclosure aims to provide users with insights into the inherent risks associated with engaging in cryptocurrency and blockchain-related activities within the SOWA AI ecosystem. Users are advised to carefully assess these factors in light of their individual risk tolerance and investment objectives.

General Risks:

  1. Market Volatility: The value of $SOWA tokens, like other cryptocurrencies, is subject to significant market volatility. Prices may experience rapid fluctuations, leading to potential gains or losses.

  2. Regulatory Uncertainty: The regulatory landscape surrounding blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving. Changes in regulations or the introduction of new laws may impact the functionality, value, or legality of $SOWA tokens and related services.

  3. Technological Risks: Blockchain technology and smart contracts are susceptible to various risks, including software bugs, vulnerabilities, hacking attempts, and cybersecurity threats that could compromise user assets or information.

  4. Adoption and Usage: The success and value of the $SOWA token rely on widespread adoption and usage within the SOWA AI ecosystem. There is no assurance that the SOWA AI platform or $SOWA tokens will achieve broad market acceptance.

  5. Liquidity Risk: Users may encounter challenges converting $SOWA tokens into fiat currency or other digital assets, especially during periods of low trading volumes or adverse market conditions.

Specific Disclosures:

  1. No Guarantee of Returns: Participation in the SOWA AI Project or holding $SOWA tokens does not guarantee any returns or profits. Users should be prepared for the possibility of experiencing a complete loss of their investment.

  2. Not a Financial Instrument: $SOWA tokens are utility tokens designed for use within the SOWA AI ecosystem and are not intended to be financial instruments, securities, or investment products. They do not confer any rights in any jurisdiction.

  3. Personal Responsibility: Users bear sole responsibility for their decisions regarding the acquisition, storage, and utilization of $SOWA tokens. It is advisable for users to conduct their own research and seek advice from financial, legal, and tax professionals before making investment decisions.

  4. No Liability: The creators, developers, and affiliates of the SOWA AI ecosystem disclaim liability for any losses or damages arising from the use, acquisition, or sale of $SOWA tokens, including losses due to market volatility or technological issues.

Acknowledgment of Risks:

By engaging with the SOWA AI ecosystem and holding $SOWA tokens, users acknowledge that they comprehend and accept the risks outlined above. Additionally, users acknowledge that this Risk Disclaimer and Disclosure may not cover all potential risks associated with blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and $SOWA tokens.

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